Humidifiers in Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Pine Cove, and The Surrounding Mountain Areas

During cold winter months, a low humidity level in your home can make it feel like a desert. Whole home humidifiers add moisture into the ductwork of the heating system in one of two ways: by boiling water into steam and directing that steam into the ductwork, or by drawing warm air from the furnace/ air handler through an evaporator pad covered with fresh water and delivering this moisture-laden water into the ductwork.

A professionally installed whole-home humidifier is a more effective way to humidify your entire home compared to portable units, which can only deliver humidity in the proximity of the room where they’re located. Whole-home humidifiers from Clean Comfort help ensure humidity control throughout your entire home.

Steam Humidifiers – HS Series HS11-120

Steam Humidifiers

The HS Series electrode steam humidifiers work by heating water in a secure, internal cylinder to create steam. The steam is injected directly into your central heat and cooling system’s ductwork, and the system‘s fan circulates the humidified air throughout the house. Steam humidifiers can humidify a home much faster and with less wasted water than evaporative humidifiers of equivalent size


  • Automatic whole-home indoor humidification without the need for frequent water re-filling and pad cleaning, compared to portable humidifiers.
  • Ideally suited for indoor heating and cooling systems that have lower air flows and air temperature in the ductwork that might reduce humidity delivery when using an evaporative whole home humidifier.
  • High humidity delivery rate helps ensure sufficient moisture content in your home, especially important for protecting household belongings that are humidity sensitive, such as hardwood flooring and custom millwork and musical instruments.
  • Proven electrode steam humidification performance from the manufacturer that invented the technology over 40 years ago

More Information See Brochure: CC-HSSeries.pdf

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